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Winter Giveaway!

 Started by bencrow11

Secret santa at work, nice dinner with family, + entire Christmas week off of work! :D

By LiquidSpirit, 10 months ago x 1

My favourite thing to do in December is staying in the house, watch a movie (perhaps a Home Alone classic) with a fuzzy blanket. When snow falls, it's the best thing in the world! I hope it does this year! 

Another great thing to do in december is decorating the Christmas tree, especially lights! Oh, I love lights! And last, have some nice food ofc! 

I can say, I just love December for being an entire month full with excitement. 

By Jokey, 10 months ago x 1

Favorite December exclusive activity is just being with friends celebrating.

By CyUzi, 9 months ago x 1


By Cyn, 9 months ago x 2

My favorite thing about the holidays is being able to play some board and video games with my friends who are away at a college/university that is not the same as mine. We are able to meet up during the holidays and hang out with one another like we used to do during High School.

By Craft57738, 9 months ago x 1


By Shady, 9 months ago

My favorite thing to do around the holiday season is decorating the house with my family. Another fun thing that I do with my family is going to a light display show type of thing.

By ShockingNymph, 9 months ago

Eat lots of donuts until I get heartburn as part of Hanukkah .

By TechnoSusan, 9 months ago

I like to make gingerbread cookies :D 

By HappyHanh, 9 months ago

The feeling of death's cold, unyielding embrace.

also, my cats fluffy winter coat. 👍

By Soupreme Overlord, 9 months ago