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American Independence Day Giveaway!

I don't really celebrate anything anymore. But I used to love thanksgiving with my dad. Now I just stay home and do nothing. 

about 1 month ago

Easter Giveaway!

Watching the hopes, dreams, and innocence fade from the eyes of children when they find out the Easter bunny isn't real. Then they can suffer with the rest of us. Void of joy and aspirations as they live their meaningless lives, accomplishing nothing of importance in the grand scheme of things. Each and every person they know and love are simply temporary in the vast expanse of time and space. One day, they will perish and be forgotten much like those before them. Even those who are remembered throughout  history will never truly be known as they were and ultimately, with enough time, will be lost when the Earth meets its inevitable demise to the sun. When that happens, everything that has ever been done out of kindness for the world with mean nothing. Everything done out of greed will mean nothing. Everything and everyone will be gone and the universe will continue on like we never existed. For our planet is merely an insignificant speck in the ever-expanding cosmos. 


Also, I really like those chocolate covered marshmallow eggs that come in a foam carton like real eggs do. Those things are hella good 😊

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Winter Giveaway!

The feeling of death's cold, unyielding embrace.

also, my cats fluffy winter coat. 👍

8 months ago

PokeSplash Giveaway

You got my soupport! 🥫


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