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American Independence Day Giveaway!

My favorite holiday is christmas. Cozyness, family and some good classic movies. I love it.

over 2 years ago

Easter Giveaway!


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Winter Giveaway!

My favourite thing to do in December is staying in the house, watch a movie (perhaps a Home Alone classic) with a fuzzy blanket. When snow falls, it's the best thing in the world! I hope it does this year! 

Another great thing to do in december is decorating the Christmas tree, especially lights! Oh, I love lights! And last, have some nice food ofc! 

I can say, I just love December for being an entire month full with excitement. 

over 2 years ago

Halloween Giveaway!

Where do Zombies eat dinner? 
The Living Room... *awkward silence*

What's a skeleton's favorite food? 
Spare Ribs. *cracks*

What do you call a witch in the desert?
A sand-witch! *oooohooooh*



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