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American Independence Day Giveaway!

I think, at this point, my favorite holiday would be Christmas and the surrounding holiday season. I mean, presents, festive spirit, feasts? It's a whole party season.

over 2 years ago

Easter Giveaway!

He is risen.

Also candy and community.

over 2 years ago

Anniversary Giveaway!

My most memorable moment was finding this server. With all the turmoil that was going on in my previous preferred place and a lot of my friends getting perma-banned there, it was nice to know this place existed.

editted extra memory:

fun little extra i remember while in the server: April was when Top Monthly voters were first counted iirc, and I was the first to get first place. back then, the top monthly voters were determined by their actual vote counts, seeing who were the top 3 voters, rather than the current tiered rewards. the thing i remember was the desparation to catch my first shaymin before my vote reward expired, since i wanted a shiny shaymin (and i didn't wanna make the shaymin i got from charmie shiny). managed to catch one in time.
over 2 years ago

Winter Giveaway!

Favorite December exclusive activity is just being with friends celebrating.

over 2 years ago

Halloween Giveaway!

Why did the skeleton refuse to ride the roller coaster?

They didn't have the GUTS to do it! 💀

over 2 years ago