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Easter Giveaway!

He is risen.

Also candy and community.

about 1 month ago

Anniversary Giveaway!

My most memorable moment was finding this server. With all the turmoil that was going on in my previous preferred place and a lot of my friends getting perma-banned there, it was nice to know this place existed.

editted extra memory:

fun little extra i remember while in the server: April was when Top Monthly voters were first counted iirc, and I was the first to get first place. back then, the top monthly voters were determined by their actual vote counts, seeing who were the top 3 voters, rather than the current tiered rewards. the thing i remember was the desparation to catch my first shaymin before my vote reward expired, since i wanted a shiny shaymin (and i didn't wanna make the shaymin i got from charmie shiny). managed to catch one in time.
4 months ago

Winter Giveaway!

Favorite December exclusive activity is just being with friends celebrating.

6 months ago

Halloween Giveaway!

Why did the skeleton refuse to ride the roller coaster?

They didn't have the GUTS to do it! 💀

8 months ago

Map of Hatch Road

Map of Hatch Road

So I decided to map Hatch Road from border to border. This includes the areas that haven't been paved yet. Because Hatch Road is a community project, I figured I might as well mark points of interest you may find there. When travelling down the road, keep an eye out for some of these POIs as well as unlabeled builds, pixelart, and maybe 1 or 2 ultra wormholes.

If you wanna know where it'll be, the center of the road should be at y:-990.5. How that'll look on your coordinates display will depend on what display you use. It as y:-991 under F3's Block coordinates as well as on the minimaps JourneyMap, Xaero, and Voxelmap, but appears as y:-990 on GameShark's* hud.

This map is a pixel perfect export from JourneyMap. The map may not be 100% accurate as it is always being worked on. Not everything that's there is labeled. If you'd like something labeled, please let me know. I will update it when I can. Timestamp on Spoiler. It's a really tall image so get your scrolling apparatus ready. Click to open just the image.


Hatch Road as of October 19, 2019 at 11:36 PM PDT:


The map

* Referring to the mod available on Pixelmon's page. GameShark and Pokéradar are not allowed on this server and as such GameShark should have functionality limited to compass, coordinates, and biome name. I do not condone cheating where many players are affected and I will not be held liable if you get banned for using a modified version of GameShark.

10 months ago