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Winter Giveaway!

 Started by Ben

Winter Giveaway


This December we will be doing another Forum Giveaway!


December is the month for giving, so we’re gonna give away some great prizes! 


To Enter, let us know below what your favourite thing is to do in the month of December.


We have 3 different prizes for our randomly picked winners!


You could win:

1st Place:

A Custom Skin Pokemon of your choice

(Good IVs and Nature, Legendaries and UBs not included)



2nd Place:

Give one of your Pokemon a custom texture (Has to be an existing winter texture)



3rd Place:



4th Place:

6 PB Tokens


PB = Pokebuilder

Custom skin Pokemon must be an exisiting skin


You have until the end of the month to take part!

By Ben, over 2 years agoLast edited: over 2 years ago x 2

Well i guess my favourite thing atm in december, is being a christmas elf for work currently :D

By Charmie, over 2 years ago

Snuggling up with the other half under a blanket and watching TV

By Matt, over 2 years ago

Sitting in front of the fire after coming out of the cold weather is the best 


By Earo, over 2 years ago

My favorite thing to do in December is taking turns opening gifts with my family.

By Bolsenator, over 2 years ago

my favorite thing to do in december is celebrating my birthday on the 12th! i always get something really good to eat

By Oliver, over 2 years ago

My favorite thing to do in december is visiting my family which lives in another country and decorating the christmas tree, spending christmas with them, having dinner together, opening gifts and watching a movie or talking while we sit near the fireplace. 

By Angie, over 2 years ago

My favorite December activity is watching movies with friends and family.

By Star, over 2 years ago

Ah December, the time when Christmas comes in full swing. My favorite thing to do in December is to decorate the tree and around the home, as well as get together with the family. Celebrating New years day is nice as well.

By Stridak, over 2 years ago

Love getting eggnog for the season, mhmm I love the taste. Plus the snow is great, makes it so I can always be warm in a blanket and snuggle with my doggos.

By Kodoyume, over 2 years ago