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Anniversary Giveaway!

This is quite tough to decide, I have several great memories in this server, though If I have to pick just one memory, it would be the day I became a staff member for this server. I'll never forget when I first got my helper tag. Since then, It has helped me to get out my comfort zone and interact with the community much more than I possibly would've done otherwise.

8 days ago

Winter Giveaway!

Ah December, the time when Christmas comes in full swing. My favorite thing to do in December is to decorate the tree and around the home, as well as get together with the family. Celebrating New years day is nice as well.

3 months ago

Halloween Giveaway!

Here's a terrible one: Why did the skeleton go after the other skeleton?

He had a bone to pick with him.

4 months ago

PokeSplash Giveaway

Hopefully I win something, good luck everyone.



7 months ago