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Australia Day Mini-Games - Community Event

 Started by Zeroxo

Join our Aussie Trainers to celebrate Australia Day!

PokéSplash will be hosting mini-games at /warp magipark starting at 7am AEDT (All timezone details below), there will be prizes to be won and a special giveaway to enter! Keep reading to find out more.




Starting by the Mini-Golf course at /warp magipark




Be the first to complete the whole course with the lowest points!
Using Pokéballs as the item, you drop it on the course and watch it slide toward the hole. How many tries it takes you is how many points you get on that hole. Once you get the ball in the hole you move on to the next area.

First - $30,000 Pokédollars, & 1 Shiny Token
Second - $15,000 Pokédollars, & 1 Random Shiny
Third - $5,000 Pokédollars, & 1 Random Shiny

Participation - All participants will receive a limited edition Vegemite Komala

Other mini-games may be played following mini-golf which will have different prizes.


Enter for the chance to win a 5IV Shiny Vegemite Komala, 1 Silver Bottle Cap, 20PB tokens & 1 Random Shiny

TO ENTER - comment below with your IGN!

Thank you CharmingCharmie for designing the Vegemite for Komala!

See you all there!

By Zeroxo, 8 months ago x 1



here to win the giveaway (or not)


By SJKNOL, 8 months ago x 1

hello yes i'd like to rep the vegemite gang - Crimson065

By Crimson, 8 months ago x 1

I'm KitsuneJP and I hope I can win something. Good luck everyone!


By Kitsune-chan, 8 months agoLast edited: 8 months ago x 1

*whistles* CharmingCharmie

(if im allowed to enter haha)

By Charmie, 8 months ago x 1



By Stridak, 8 months agoLast edited: 8 months ago x 1


I want the drop bear!

By Socom, 8 months ago x 1

Marmite Gang


By Lukob96, 8 months agoLast edited: 8 months ago x 1

I'm only here to win stuffs, or not... probably not. Anyway, it's a very rare time for ShockingNymph to be around.

By ShockingNymph, 8 months ago x 1

I've never had vegemite. I heard it taste disgusting for Americans but delicious to Australians

TrainerStorm wondering what vegemite taste like.

By TrainerStorm, 8 months ago x 1