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Doubles Tournament




also: First lol

4 months ago

Monotype Tournament


(i think i already signed up before, just making sure)

4 months ago

American Independence Day Giveaway!

My favorite holiday is easter because I like eggs 🥚


5 months ago

Easter Giveaway!

My favorite part about easter is all the fun events happening everywhere. Not just online of course, but also in real life. 

(The PokeSplash easter event looks really interesting btw)

8 months ago

Anniversary Giveaway!

So most memorable moment.... Thats an easy one!


Its definately the first tournament I ever played in, the RBT on the 18th of January. This was only a few weeks after I joined the server and because of everyones support i still managed to place 2nd. Since I've only been here for a month or so there really isnt that much more yet, but im sure more will follow :)

10 months ago

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