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October 2021 - The fog rolls in
Started by Zeroxo


Staff Updates

September saw a few changes to our amazing staff team! 

 Dunaka our newest Helper,

AoiShogun our newest Gym Leader.

and a Congratulations to Veczan on the promotion to Moderator!



Volcanic Mons

The Volcanic Bingo event is now over, and our top winners with full cards are...


Veczan & CyUzi


All tier rewards will be handed out today based on the points you collected!


 Don’t worry if you missed out, Volcanic mons are available all year round in the Nether and can now be bred!



November Competitive Tournament

There is still time to sign up for our National Dex Monotype tournament!

Head here for all the information!




It’s that time of year again, time to dust off those cobwebs and get out the spooky decorations! That’s right, Halloween is just around the corner and we have plenty going on for you to celebrate the occasion!



As always, special Halloween Pokemon will be chasing after you, tricks will be played in hopes of a treat with /kit trickortreat, bosses have a chance to give you candybags, and more events and activities will pop up throughout the month!


Halloween itself will be very special indeed. We can’t reveal more just yet but rest assured you’re all invited! Whether or not you get there is the question...


Watch #events for more information on all activities going on!


Here is the overview of this months spooktacular events:


Ongoing Events 

Halloween Pokemon Spawning

Spooky Photo Contest

Weekly Raffles


8th - 11th Crazy Legendary Weekend

22nd - 25th Shiny Weekend

22nd - 31st Halloween Gym Opens, Costume Shop Opens

29th Halloween Festivities Begin

30th Halloween Casual Tourney 9PM UTC-6


Every week we will announce a different Halloween mon for you to hunt down, catch and submit. The winner is drawn at random so keep an eye out on the #events channel in our discord for the Pokemon and how to submit your entry.


New Raffle and Winner of previous Raffle announced at the beginning of each week!


Show us your Halloween spirit! Take a Halloween themed photo and submit it to the #halloween channel in discord.


You can use any ingame resources for the photo e.g. a spooky build, scary pokemon, your spooky costume (skin) etc. You’re limited only by your imagination!


Rules & Requirements:

Submit only one photo

Must include at least one halloween textured pokemon



First - 40k and a 4iv shiny halloween Pokemon of choice

Second - 30k and a random 3iv shiny halloween Pokemon

Third - 20k and a random 2iv shiny halloween Pokemon

Participants - 5k and a random shiny halloween Pokemon


The winners will be chosen by the community.

Look out for submissions and react to your favourites.


Further details will be revealed in the #halloween channel.


Crazy Legendary Weekend

8th - 11th October



Shiny Weekend

22nd - 25th October


As the spooky season draws near again, so does the opening of our Halloween Gym. 

Our Gym Leaders can’t wait to send shivers down your spine with their terrifying teams. Challenge, if you dare!

Use /warp halloween to check out the gym and read the rules!


Open from the 22nd until the 31st!


A wandering merchant has brought something special for this year.

The best Halloween costumes in all of Pokesplash (or so they claim). 


Shop open from 22nd till 31st!




30th October 9PM UTC -6


What would the festivities be without a little fun! And what better way than with a tournament fit for the Pumpkin King himself!


As usual, you are only allowed to use special Halloween textured mons to battle.

Rules, regulations, dates and how to sign up will be posted on discord later this week.


We’re looking forward to seeing what tricks everyone has up their sleeves, it’s sure to be a real treat!



We wish everyone all the best for the festive season and look forward to seeing you all here for our Halloween celebrations!


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