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September 2021 - Volcanic Update
Started by Zeroxo




Staff Updates

We have a new addition to our staff team! Please welcome SilentCouv to the team as your newest NA Helper!!


Competitive Tournament Format Voting

Voting has now closed and the numbers have been checked, here is you next competitive tournament:


Get ready for trouble, and be prepared to make it Double!

You guessed it, our Competitive Tourney will be a Doubles Tournament!


Start planning your team and get excited for some challenging rivals and great prizes!

We will post all final details and the sign up sheet this coming weekend on our discord!


August - December Tournament Schedule



Boosted Elytra

Have you been enjoying soaring through the skies with Varijons Boosted Elytra? Don’t worry if you missed out on the event, you can still get your very own pair at /warp magipark by right clicking the pokestop.




Its getting hot on Splash, as the steam settles we reveal an all new collection of texture Pokémon

These new Volcanic Pokémon spawn exclusively in the Nether.

For how long you ask? Well that’s the best thing about them, they will be available all year round!


Other New Texture Additions:

Cosmic Espeon and Umbreon




As always, here is a short overview of this months events:


Ongoing Event: Volcanic Bingo


4th Stridaks Donator Dropparty - 12PM UTC-7
10th - 13th Boosted Starter Weekend
17th Taco's Trivia - 9PM UTC-5 (During Kals Stream)
18th Taco's Trivia - 1PM UTC-5 + Tacos Donator Dropparty right after
24th - 27th Community Weekend - Type based decided by you!
25th Squad Battle Tourney - 1PM UTC-5




Thank you to the below for your generous donations!


Stridak - 4th at 12PM UTC-7

Tacodil - 18th following after Taco’s Trivia



If you have purchased a rank with a dropparty that you have not yet redeemed, please contact Zero to organise when yours will take place!



Since the Amoonguss bingo event was such a great success we have decided to run another Bingo!

This time the hunt will be filled with tasks revolving around the new Volcanic Textures.


You will have all month to complete as many tasks as you can, until the 29th of September.

So head on down into the Nether, hunt down all the new textured Pokes and score some points!

And remember to stay hydrated cause the Nether’s gonna get hot!


How to participate: 

1. Message Zeroxo on discord for a Bingo sheet.

2. As you complete each task take a screenshot, save the evidence, and mark it off your card. 

3. Look out for info on when and where to submit your final Bingo sheet and evidence.


Points & Prizes:

Every completed square will get you 10 points, with an extra 10 points for every full column or row.


Highest Points - 3IV Shiny Volcanic Mon of Choice

200pts+ - 1x Random Shiny Volcanic Mon, 5k, and 5 Pb tokens

100 - 199pts - 1x Random Volcanic Mon, 3k, and 3Pb tokens

50 - 99pts - 1x Random Volcanic Mon, 1500k, and 1Pb Token



- All submitted tasks must be Volcanic textured.

- You cannot use the same mon for two tasks (Excluding the “All Volcanic” Task)

- Tasks involving IV’s cannot be completed using legendaries


Evidence: Screenshots of the relevant mon and details as needed. 

You can /pokeshow [slot] [yourIGN] to show to yourself to get all the info. 

Example: https://i.imgur.com/ygVFLfW.png



Each month will have two Boosted Weekends running for 4 days, from reboot to reboot.


This months Boosted Weekends are:

Boosted Starters - Friday 10 to Monday 13



Community Weekend - Friday 24 to Monday 27

You decide what we should boost! With 3 votes to place choose what type/s you would like to see boosted this weekend using /poll communityweekend.



Ash and Pikachu have been on our screens since the 1990s, and the Pokémon franchise is expansive! How much do you know about the world of Pokémon?


Test yourself at Taco’s Trivia!


This will be played in game using the /poll function! Both days will have a different theme/focus so come to one or both to win some prizes.


Trivia One - Friday 27, 9PM UTC-5

Trivia Two - Saturday 18, 1PM UTC-5


Further details will be revealed later on this month!





Get excited for a brand new type of tournament revolving around teams!

Get your friends together and be ready to take on other squads in this last team standing competition.


September 24, 1PM UTC-5

Further details and sign up sheet to be released via discord this week!






Introducing a new GTS, one focused on convenience.
The following will explain the commands and usage.



/gts help -- A list of the available subcommands

/gts -- Using the command like this will default to opening the Pokemon listings.

You can toggle between Pokemon and Item listings via the Cookie and Pokeball buttons at the middle bottom.

/gts pokemon -- Opens the Pokemon listings

/gts items -- Opens the Item listings

/gts manage -- Opens a screen with all of your listings to easily manage them



You can have up to 8 listings at once, these will last 3 days (unless cancelled) before coming down if not bought.

/gts sell item [price] -- Lists the items in your hand for the specified price, per item in the stack!

Leaving out the price will attempt to use half shopkeeper price, return an error if it can't find any.

Items can also be listed for 0 to sell them for free.

Currently these items have minimum prices:

Destiny Knot - 50000

Everstone - 50000


/gts sell pokemon <slot> [price]</slot> -- Lists the Pokemon in the slot given for the specified price.

You can leave out the price to default to the minimum the Pokemon can be sold for (lowest is 100).

Hidden Ability adds 50000 to the minimum.

3x 31ivs - 30000

4x 31ivs - 40000

5x 31ivs - 50000

6x 31ivs - 50000


To buy a listing, simply click on it and choose the green confirm tile.

To cancel your own listings, either find it in the listings or use /gts manage and click on it, then confirm.


We will be testing this plugin all month, please let us know any feedback or suggestions you have via the #feedback-and-suggestions channel on Discord!



We hope you are just as excited as us for the brand new Volcanic textures and the exciting events to come this month!



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