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August 2021
Started by Zeroxo


Here we go! After a well deserved break we are back better than ever this month with all new events, the long awaited 8.2.0 update, and an exciting new tournament schedule with some exciting additions and changes! 





We have Updated!!

“Something looks different...”!

Pixelmon Reforged 8.2.0 adds many new Pokémon, different forms, abilities, moves, Battle UIs and more! 


Check out the full details here.



New Tournament Schedule

In an effort to allow more players to join in on the battling scene we have come up with a new Tournament schedule. We have included more fun casual tournaments, added a rental team system, as well as running different competitive tournaments where preparation and skills are key!


The rules and prizes vary between each tournament, so make sure to read through the details and sign up for all the ones you are wanting to take part in below:


August - December Tournament Schedule


Competitive Tournament Format Voting

Vote for our next competitive tournaments format in-game using /poll CT1 (coming soon).


The chosen format will be revealed at the end of this month!






Join us for some exciting events this month! We have made some changes and have some new events coming in the future as well as some much loved events returning!


To ensure our players all over the world can join in, we will be running some of our events twice to capture the different time zones!


Here is an overview of this months events:






Starting the month off with some familiar catching contests, come to one or both for your chance to get lucky and catch the best mons!


Water/Flying - Friday 6, 9PM UTC-5

Fire/Grass - Saturday 7, 1PM UTC-5



The contests will be held at the relevant Catching Dome at /warp cc

  • Each participant will be given a set amount of Safari Balls

  • When the time begins, you have 15 minutes to catch Pokémon within the dome. 

  • You can catch up to 5 Pokémon total, but only submit 1 for judging.

    • Your submission must be in a safari ball we provided! 

  • Once the time is up, or you catch 5 total, you will nickname your selected best Pokémon with your IGN (or a shortened version if it is too long), and /pokesell it to the event host for scoring.


Your score will then be tallied, based on the following factors:

  • Base Stat Total 

  • IV percentage

  • Growth (with ordinary as the least points and the highest/lowest as the most points) 

  • Shiny Pokémon get bonus points!




Every month will have two boosted weekends running for 4 days each from reboot to reboot. These boosted weekends will be running in a cycle, so once you figure out the pattern you will know when each boost type will occur as time goes*.


This month we have:



Boosted Shinies - Friday 13 to Monday 16




Boosted Legendaries - Friday 27 to Monday 30


*This pattern can change as boosted weekends are removed/added/changed.





Introducing the Boosted Elytra, thanks to Varijon we will now have an all new and improved Elytra! With more control, fun particles, and easier movement, you will be flying in style!


To introduce these new wings, we will be hosting 2 Elytra races! Sign up below and you will receive your very own boosted elytra as well as an exclusive day one particle for your flight!


Elytra Race to Splash Tower - Friday 20, 9PM UTC-5

Elytra Race to Splash Mountain - Saturday 21, 1PM UTC-5




There’s no telling what you’ll be getting in this exciting variation of our RBT. Battle it out with a team of random Pokémon, selected from our expansive list of textured Pokémon. Showing off with special skins is the true endgame after all.


Date and time: 

August 28, 8PM UTC-5

How it Works:

  • Each participant will be given; 4x level 100 textured pokemon chosen at random from our list of Custom Textured mons, you cannot bring your own. 

    • There will be no evolving or re-rolls, what you receive is the Pokémon you will battle with.

  • The move relearner can be used for free to change out the learned set, but only before the battle begins.

  • You are not allowed to put items on your mons or use any TMs.

  • You cannot adjust your team once the tournament begins. 


There will be a winners and losers bracket.


Battle Rules:

4v4, Level 100

Team preview on

60 second turn timer

Gym rules





To top it all off, we also have some exciting new additions brought to us by Varijon who has been hard at work creating some amazing new plugins and features for us!


/poll (Coming Soon)

Polls relating to in-game features/events/activities will now occur on the server! When a poll is available for you to vote on, you will see a notification come up in your chat periodically until you place your vote.


We will be using this for choosing tournament format, trivias, random questionnaires, and more! 



Boosted Elytra (Coming Soon)

Don’t worry if you miss out on the Elytra races this month, you will still be able to get your very own Boosted Elytra!


On the 21st of this month, a parkour tower will pop up at /spawn with your elytra waiting at the top to be collected! Reach the top, get your Elytra and soar off into the sky*!


You will be able to customise these elytra using special particle books you can get from certain events, dropparties, and donating**!


*Elytra gained from the parkour tower will not come with special particles. 

**Particle books coming soon to all donors.





This month brings with it a lot of new changes and exciting features, we hope that everyone is just as excited as us to get started and have some fun!


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