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"Something looks different..." - Pixelmon update to 8.2.0
Started by Zeroxo

The long awaited update is finally here on Splash!

Get over to https://reforged.gg/ to download the latest version of Pixelmon (or update to the latest version in your preferred launcher) and hop online to see the new features, Pokémon, moves, and more!

If you encounter any bugs please report them on our discord in #bug-reports


PokéSplash Changelog
Additional Changes

  • Updated to Pixelmon 8.2.0
  • MMO Disabled for now, there will be an update to it in the near future which will reset all skills and add new features!
  • /poll added, further details to come in August post
  • Old Legendary spawn locations have been added to the new files
  • STS, GTS and AquaSkills (MMO) are temporarily disabled.



Pixelmon Changelog
Taken from reforged.gg, head there for the full changelog.


















Galarian Slowking




G-Max Venusaur

G-Max Charizard

G-Max Blastoise

G-Max Butterfree

G-Max Pikachu

G-Max Meowth

G-Max Machamp

G-Max Gengar

G-Max Kingler

G-Max Lapras

G-Max Eevee

G-Max Snorlax

G-Max Garbodor

G-Max Melmetal

G-Max Corviknight

G-Max Orbeetle

G-Max Flapple

G-Max Appletun

G-Max Hatterene

G-Max Duraludon

G-Max Grimmsnarl

G-Max Sandaconda

G-Max Drednaw

G-Max Inteleon

G-Max Coalossal




Moon Phase Lunatone

Meta Groudon

Spheal JUMP!

Rainbow Beautifly

Rainbow Crawdaunt

Rainbow Weavile

Rainbow Cresselia

Rainbow Dustox

Rainbow Feebas

Rainbow Milotic

Rainbow Infernape

Rainbow Kecleon

Valencian Caterpie

Valencian Metapod

Valencian Blissey

Valencian Happiny

Valencian Chansey

Valencian Ratatta

Valencian Raticate

Valencian Bellossom

Valencian Nidoran Male

Valencian Nidorino

Valencian Nidoking

Valencian Nidoran Female

Valencian Nidorina

Valencian Nidoqueen

Valencian Politoed

Valencian Poliwag

Valencian Poliwhirl

Valencian Poliwrath

Valencian Shellder

Valencian Cloyster

Valencian Magikarp

Valencian Gyarados

A new Creator Pokémon (ItsRitchieW)




Updated to Sun & Moon Dex
















Added Emission to Regice.




Unseen Fist

As One

Chilling Neigh

Grim Neigh




Neutralizing Gas

Gulp Missile


Curious Medicine

Quick Draw





Astral Barrage

Eerie Spell

Fiery Wrath

Flip Turn

Glacial Lance

Jungle Healing

Scale Shot

Steel Roller

Surging Strikes

Wicked Blow


G-Max Wildfire

G-Max Befuddle

G-Max Volt Crash

G-Max Gold Rush

G-Max Chi Strike

G-Max Terror

G-Max Resonance

G-Max Cuddle

G-Max Replenish

G-Max Malodor

G-Max Stonesurge

G-Max Wind Rage

G-Max Stun Shock

G-Max Finale

G-Max Depletion

G-Max Gravitas

G-Max Volcalith

G-Max Sandblast

G-Max Snooze

G-Max Tartness

G-Max Sweetness

G-Max Smite

G-Max Steelsurge

G-Max Meltdown

G-Max Foam Burst

G-Max Centiferno

G-Max Fireball

G-Max Drum Solo

G-Max Hydrosnipe

G-Max One Blow

G-Max Rapid Flow

G-Max Vine Lash

G-Max Cannonade




Currently not in shops.

Generation 8 fossils

Max Mushrooms

Max Soup

Reins of Unity

Guard Spec

Cleanse Tag

Fluffy Tail

Blunder Policy

Ability Patch

Galarica Wreath

Terrain Extender

Adrenaline Orb

Rusted Sword

Rusted Shield

Heart Scale

Scroll of Waters

Scroll of Darkness


Vastly improved the look of equipped Safety Goggles.

Added the ability to equip the Relic Crown and all badges.

The Key Stone, Wishing Star, Oval Charm and Shiny Charm are now all items as well. Using their item form unlocks them.

Added Frontier Symbols.



  • Updated the battle UI!
  • Added battle music
  • Added Pokecenter music
  • Added a Transfer Tutor NPC - Placed at /warp movetutor
  • Added a Mega Tiara.
  • Added Shadow Ho-oh and updated Shadow Lugia giveaway skins, these are both now bundled and are emissive. If you already had one, you now have both.
  • The Haunter Wizard now includes Gastly and Gengar.
  • Gold and Black Monocle giveaway items are now bundled. If you had one, you now have both.
  • Added the Yukata giveaway item.
  • Added the Wizard Hat Giveaway item.
  • Added the Winter Cloak.
  • Blank TMs and TRs for Generation 8 were added to default shopkeepers, Tier 1 and 2 Pokéloot, and Boss Drops
  • All Pixelmon items can now be given food stats. All berries and berry juice are now edible!
  • Learnable TMs are now able to be viewed from the Stats menu. Egg moves and level-up moves are also viewable from this screen.
  • Marks can now be found on wild Pokémon, allowing special titles to be used in battle.
  • Added a set of Eevee-themed scarves, which can be given via plugins and quests.



  • The Fly external move can no longer teleport between worlds. Teleport still can.
  • Galarian breeding now works in the same way as Alolan breeding.
  • The Gigantamax Factor can now be obtained, and can appear on wild Pokémon.
  • Properly checks if the mother is Galar, for breeding.
  • Trainers now wear a Mega Ring or Dynamax Band if they can use it.
  • Trainers have updated Pokémon lists.
  • Updated Boss drops and Pokéloot.
  • Wool regrowth now ticks for Wooloo and Dubwool.
  • Ether and Max Ether will now be consumed when used outside of battle.
  • The Fossil Machine now accepts dual fossil input.
  • ItemPokeball is now undamageable.
  • Updated the Heavy Ball to reflect SuMo changes.
  • Changed ChoiceItem to not apply on Transform.
  • Added position data to Ranches on error.
  • Added more error catching in the Pokémon Editor, it will call out issues with held items.
  • Added an additional check for evolution errors, and it will now dump relevant data.
  • /endbattle can now be cancelled directly.
  • Improved a large number of item textures.
  • Evolution particles are now high saturation.
  • Improved range of boss types available.
  • Added a wide range of new colors which can be applied to statues.
  • The Oval Charm is now obtainable.
  • Improved the shiny particle effect.
  • Vastly improved every single Pokémon bounding box in the game.
  • Dynamax now has a shimmer effect.
  • Alien Celebi has a new method of acquisition, and Beast Balls no longer work on the Ilex Shrine.
  • There are many changes to spawning that would be better read on the wiki See: Spawning History - Pixelmon Wiki




We are excited to finally be releasing the update to you all! Have fun splashing around!

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