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Claim Guide
Started by Zeroxo


You have just found the perfect place to build your house and want to start getting blocks down. But before you get your materials, you will want to set a home and claim the area you are building on to keep it safe from grief. Here is a quick guide on doing just that:


Home/Claim Commands

  • /homes - Shows all your set homes. You have a max of 15.

  • /sethome [name] - Adds where you are as a home.

  • /delhome [name] - Deletes selected home.

  • /abandon, /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you are standing in and adds the claim blocks back to your bank. Will ask you to confirm before deleting the claim.

  • /abandonallclaims - Deletes all claims you have.

  • /claimlist - Shows all of your claims.

  • /claimname [name] - Set the name of the claim you are standing in

  • /claimgreeting [message] - Set the claim greeting of the claim you are standing in. Greeting shows when a player enters the claim border (accepts colour codes).

  • /claimfarewell [message] - Set the claim farewell of the claim you are standing in. Farewell shows when a player leaves the claim border (accepts colour codes).

  • /claimsetspawn - Set where you land when warping to your own claim.

  • /claimspawn - Head to the current claims spawn point.

  • /claimtransfer [player] - Transfer ownership of the claim to selected player. (The recipient must have enough claim blocks for the claim)

  • /trust [player] - Gives selected player access to your claim (Explained in more detail below)



First, grab yourself a claim shovel from /kit claim.

With it equipped, right click the first corner of the area you wish to protect. This will cause a diamond block marker to appear.

Then right click the opposite corner, the minimum size is 10x10. This is what your area will look like once created:

The area is now claimed, you can safely build without worry. If you want to extend your claim,  take your shovel to the corner of your current claim, right click the glowstone and then right click the new corner.


Trust within a claim

If you live with other players or have machines you would like to allow others to use, you can use the different trust levels to allow players different permissions within your claim.

There are three levels of trust you can give specific players or the public: Accessor, Builder and Container 

Accessor: /at [player] - Allows players to use buttons, levers and beds in your claim

Container: /ct [player] - Gives the same permissions as Accessor as well as access to storage and machines

Builder: /trust [player] - Allows players to build and destroy in your claim as well as everything in the previous levels

To check who is trusted at what level in a claim, stand inside the claim and type /trustlist

To remove a player from the trustlist of the current claim simply type
/untrust [player] 


Claim subdivisions

Say you want to trust players in your claim but don’t want them to be able to access everything. You can create a subdivision inside your original claim to protect important areas. 

To set up a subdivision, equip your golden shovel and type /subdivideclaims. You should get the following message.

You can now set up a subdivision using the same steps you used to claim an area. Right click on two opposite corners. You can create an area as small as 1x1 with this method. The subdivided area will appear as white wool and iron  instead of the usual glowstone and gold.

By default this new area will keep all permissions from the main area. To change this, simply stand inside the subdivision and change the permission using the same commands as above for the normal claim.

You can even set separate greetings and farewells for each subdivision as well as giving them each their own name.

Important Notes / Useful Tips:

  • Do not claim other peoples builds or areas, unless they have given you permission to do so.

  • Claim blocks can be obtained in multiple ways. You earn 120 every hour of playtime and they can also be purchased in /voteshop.

  • Be careful who you trust in your claims and what you give access to. 

  • /sethome  saves the exact position you are standing, including the way you are facing and looking. Keep this in mind so you don’t teleport looking at the floor every time. 

  • You can check if an area is claimed by right clicking the ground with a regular stick. This will tell you who owns the claim and makes the claim border appear.

  • A claim will go all the way from bedrock to the build height, so no need to worry about people digging underneath your cellar.

  • To allow all players who come across your claim to use a machine (PC, chests, etc), enter Public after the trust level command. (e.g /containertrust public)

Now that you know how to properly claim your home you can go out and enjoy your Pixelmon adventure, knowing that your belongings are safe and secure!

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