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The PokéSplash Crane Game
Started by Zeroxo


Shaking it up this month, get excited for the PokéSplash Crane Game.

As this is a new game to Splash please note things may change before the event day



Stage 1 - Crane Game, 3 minutes to catch a team.

Stage 2 - Battles, 4v4 Level 50 with 60 second turn timer.


When & Where:

May 29th at /warp Magipark




To get involved, sign up below:



How to play:
Stage 1

  • Ensure you have a free space in your inventory for your fishing rod to be put in your hand.

  • Join the game when prompted using /cg join. Your current party will be sent to your pc and you will be placed in the waiting area until your turn to catch your team.

  • When you are taken to the catching arena, take your provided rod, aim and right click to start pulling Pokémon into your basket.

  • You will have 3 minutes total to reel in a team. When the Pokémon hits your basket they will be automatically added to your team.

  • Once you have 4 Pokémon or when you run out of time (whichever occurs first) you will be taken to the waiting room to await your battle.

Stage 2

  • When all players have caught their teams, the battles will begin automatically.

  • Battles are played out as normal with a 60 second turn timer.

  • You may be waiting for an arena to be free before you battle, while waiting do not engage in any other battles.

  • You will keep battling until you lose a round and are out of the game! Battles will continue until we have our final 3 winners.

Remember this game is highly based on luck of the draw but having some basic knowledge on battle tactics can help you greatly when it comes to using your random team.



  • Do not jump into the pool of Pokémon.

  • If you fall into your basket, use the warp pad to get back up.

  • Pay attention to what's going on, each stage moves on automatically so will not wait for you if you go AFK.

  • Do not engage in battle with anything when waiting for your next battle.



You will receive an item with your placement or participation.
Use this to redeem your reward with an admin.

1st Place: $200,000, 10 PokeBuilder Tokens, & 1 random shiny

2nd Place: $150,000, 8 PokeBuilder Tokens, & 1 random shiny

3rd Place: $100,000, 5 PokeBuilder Tokens, & 1 random shiny

Participation: $5,000 & 1 PokeBuilder Token



  • If you disconnect during the event you will be removed from the ongoing crane-game.

  • You will battle with what you catch - if you only catch 2 Pokémon within the time limit, you will still head to the battle round.

  • The Pokémon you catch during the game will be automatically removed at the end and your original party will be returned.

  • The Pokés you catch during the game will not affect your Pokédex.

  • The Pokémon will have random moves from their move pool, random stats, and random natures. None of this can be changed.


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