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Warp Guide
Started by Zeroxo


Swim around and check out the many great builds, services, and hidden gems found all over PokéSplash!


Can you find all the hidden pokéloot?


Gyms warps listed here.




/warp pokecenter - Heal your pokémon right up with the help of our nurses

/warp pokemart - For all your basic purchasing needs

/warp movetutor - Find the move relearner, move tutor, and event tutor NPCs here

/warp blacksmith - Anvils and enchanting table for public use

/warp arena - A space to battle your friends

/warp portals - Head to The End and The Nether from here

/warp halloffame - See all previous winners of our competitive tournaments

/warp donatorhall - Showcasing all our amazing donators who help keep the server running





/warp shop


/warp tmshop - For all your TMs purchasing needs

/warp blockshop - Building something? Find all the supplies you need here

/warp pharmacy - Potions, Vitamins and X-Items, everything you need to stay healthy in battle

/warp fossilshop - For all your archaeologist needs, you decide if it belongs in a museum 

/warp jewelry - Diamonds! Emeralds! Iron! And so much more. Buy any ingots you need here

/warp recordstore - Buy the newest hit records, such as the smash hit “Cat”

/warp aquarium - Hard to go fishing without buying a trusty fishing rod first

/warp interiorshop - All the pixelmon decorations, in one convenient spot

/warp daycare - Whether you’re an experienced Pokémon breeder or just starting out, find all your breeding needs here

/warp plushshop - Plushies, because who doesn’t want an adorable floof of their favourite Pokémon

/warp candystore - Evolution gems and items, for when your Poke needs that little push to evolve

/warp pokemart2 - Need a specific type of Pokéball? We’ve got them all

/warp postoffice - All mail types available for sale as well as a fancy bike to deliver it

/warp redstoneshop - All things Redstone from regular Minecraft to special Pixelmon machines

/warp fleamarket - All Vanilla mob drops for sale! Buy your Elytra here!

/warp gardeningshop - Everything you need for a better garden, from saplings to flowers, all the way to dyes for that perfect look

/warp berryshop - Fresh berries, straight from the bush

/warp helditemshop - Looking for a specific held item? Competitive and less competitive, we have them all

/warp curryshop - Find all your curry cooking supplies here and cook up a feast for your pokemon!

/warp lounge - Tired of shopping all day? Take a seat and rest for awhile




Warps to our amazing community towns


/warp Gracidea

/warp GracideaHillside

Town Owner: CharmingCharmie


/warp Zercadia

Town Owner: Zeroxo


/warp Ambercove

Town Owner: TvGamer3


/warp Leaftown

Town Owner: Leafflora


/warp ShearpointVillage

Town Owner: Stridak


/warp Buizelbeach

Town Owner: TheBlankOtaku


/warp Neweden

Town Owner: Slytherfae


/warp Sequin

Town Owner: KitsuneJP


/warp Thundaira

Town Owner: BloppersPartyz





Easy access to the main biomes you might need on your adventure


/warp forest

/warp birchforest

/warp roofedforest

/warp plains

/warp desert

/warp taiga

/warp savanna

/warp jungle

/warp swampland

/warp extremehills

/warp iceplains

/warp iceplainsspikes

/warp megataiga

/warp mushroomisland

/warp flowerforest

/warp sunflowerplains

/warp ocean

/warp mesa





Quick and easy ways to level and train your Pokémon


/warp training - Fight NPC trainers with Blisseys for a quick XP grind

/warp evhub - Separate rooms for each EV stat to power up your Pokes as easy as possible





Ways to earn money and other rewards through special NPC battles


/warp battlechateau - Fight special NPC teams created by our Donators for some quick cash

/warp battletree - Battle more difficult NPCs to earn BattlePoints which you can spend on high tier items. Monthly leaderboard with prizes for the top battlers.





Locations where we hold all our events


/warp rbt - Official Tournament area

/warp cc - Official Catching Contest domes

/warp magipark - Fun filled area with plenty of activities for everyone

/warp halloween - Special Halloween Gym for the festive season

/warp valentines - Special Island for the Valentines event

/warp rainbowroad - Our version of the popular race track for you to enjoy

/warp puzzletower - Solve puzzles as you climb the tower

/warp dropper - Survive this massive drop to win a special textured pokemon

/warp dropthebass - Area used for all our drop parties

/warp easterevent - Area used for our easter events

/warp anniversarygym - Special gym used for our anniversary events







/warp hatchroad - A long stretch of road perfect for hatching eggs
/warp winter - Winter texture area showcasing all our winter Pokémon



 Have fun Splashing around!


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