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Having a Hopping good time - April 2021

 Started by Zeroxo

My favorite easter snack would have to be the small chocolate eggs. You can never go wrong with those (unless you eat too many in one day)



By SJKNOL, about 1 year ago x 2

Not gonna lie, I don't really like plain chocolate or any crème filled candies, so to answer the question, none. If I had to pick one, it would be spring oreos, which are completely the same as regular oreos but yellow.


By ShockingNymph, about 1 year ago x 2

My favorite snack is probably Reese's peanut butter cup but can be really annoying sometimes.


By Raj, about 1 year ago x 1

My favorite easter snacks are chocolat eggs. The whole event around them is fun, the designs/colors are really nice as well and the ones I've eaten have a soft and sweet flavor so it's hard to stop eating them.

My IGN is KitsuneJP.

By Kitsune-chan, about 1 year ago x 1

Salt and vinegar chips.

Not really easter but you can eat more chips than you can chocolate 😎


By Crimson, about 1 year ago

The Reeses eggs are always my favorite.


By Stridak, about 1 year ago

chocolate. -PeterGriffin16

By PeterGriffin16, about 1 year ago