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Having a Hopping good time - April 2021
Started by Zeroxo



March had some crazy & fun events with new building additions to our world! Check out the action in these photos taken by players and staff this past month!



Let us know what you enjoyed this month and help us improve future events and activities on PokéSplash!

March Feedback Form



Enter this Easter giveaway to have a chance at winning some great prizes! 


Open now until April 15th - Winners to be announced on the 17th. 


3 Winners 

Prizes up for grabs - Winners are randomly drawn and allocated to a prize
Shiny Easter Poké of your choice with IVs

Regular Easter Poké of your choice with IVs 

Pixelmon Cosmetic with a random Easter Poké


Comment below to enter:
Comment your favourite Easter snacks alongside your IGN!

Legendary & Mythical Pokémon excluded.





Easter is a time for celebration with friends and family! On PokéSplash we want to bring players together to hang out, play some games, and have fun with our various events and activities running over the Easter Long Weekend!


Easter weekend
April 2nd, 2021 - April 5th, 2021

You won't just be hunting for Easter Eggs this weekend. You can look forward to boosted shiny rates, as well as the return of Easter & Dessert textures, with some amazing new additions. 


Head to /warp easterevent to find all the Easter textures and events!



What is an Easter Weekend without an old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt? So make sure you look under every rock to find all the eggs we have hidden in the Easter Dome! Take on the Domes challenging parkour, trivia and maze to find all the exciting loot!


 This year we also have a special trainer for you to take on! Defeat them for some extra prizes!



Take a break from all the catching and battling, and spend a relaxing time painting some eggs. Show us how you decorate your Easter Eggs in our Easter Build Contest. Contestants will be judged based on their creativity! We look forward to seeing all your eggs-ellent art! 


April 3rd, 2021
Building starts from 9PM GMT+0 until the Daily Reboot at 9AM GMT+0

Sign up here
(Spots may be available on the day)

/warp easterevent, outside the dome


Theme - Easter Eggs
Build whatever you like within the theme using your own materials.
Only use the space within your allocated plot of land (10x10).


Voting for your favourite:
After the reboot, all players can vote for the build they like the best by placing a signed mail into the respective dropper (you cannot vote for your own build if you are a contestant).


Winner: $30,000 Pokédollars, 1 Custom Head (Easter themed or Pokémon), and 1x Random Shiny Easter or Dessert Pokémon (Choose one)
Participation: Easter Egg (head) and 5 Golden Nuggets



Peeps have escaped!

Oh no, the dome caretaker forgot to close the fridge and now some of the Easter candy is running amok inside the Easter Dome! Please help catch all the missing Peep Fletchlings and return them to their box for a generous reward!


April 4th, 2021

/warp easterevent inside the dome


On the day, get ready at the Easter dome to find out how many peeps are missing.
Be the quickest to catch the specified amount to win!


Winner: $30,000 Pokédollars, 1x 5IV Shiny Easter Fletchling (Nature of Choice)
Participation: 5 Golden Nuggets


Crazy Legendary Weekend
April 10th, 2021 - April 11th, 2021



Strange Amoonguss have started appearing in the world with what look to be more PokéBall patterns on their heads. In order to study them more closely we need you to catch them for us!

Start Spawning April 15th, 2021


Hunt Duration:
April 15th, 2021 - April 30th, 2021



Catch as many Amoonguss as you can to achieve the highest points score. Points are awarded based on the PokéBall texture they have.

Further details to be announced on the 15th!


Shiny Weekend
April 24th, 2021 - April 25th, 2021




OU Tourney
Find details here:

April 24th, 2021

See you online soon!

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<span style="color:#ecf0f1; font-size:14pt"><img alt="" src="https://i.imgur.com/PtHjHCx.png" style="display:block; height:174px; width:566px" /></span>

It’s a tough decision actually. A good creme egg is a very good option but you can’t really eat a lot without feeling sick. I think because of that, ima have to go for the mini eggs - bencrow11

  • x1

Its gotta be the Lindt carrots on a stick paired with the gold bunnies.

  • x1

Oh my GOSH there’s so much happening! I love it!



My favorite Easter snack is sugar cookies. It’s a great excuse to eat a whole box of the Easter-patterned ones without judgement!


  • x1

It may be a bit cheaty, but my favourite easter ''snack'' has to be brunch with the family. We'll have croissants and other baked bread, soft-boiled eggs, fresh fruit and orange juice. Best part of the holiday. - Veczan 🐇

  • x1

Paaseitjes - aka just the common tiny chocolate eggs. The big easter breakfast is neat and all but we could eat those too.

  • x1

Cadbury's Mini Eggs, milk chocolate delights. The creme eggs are really good too (as is all chocolate) and having a nice breakfast with egg, cheese, halm, fresh fruit and all that is great.
- JoshsJournys

  • x1

In game username:drgonli28

Favorite easter snack: i dont celebrate christmas so i guess choclate eggs

  • x1

Omg these events are supperr cuuutee. My favorite easter candy has to be either the big chocolate bunnies or peeps. 


  • x1

Hot cross buns, especially freshly baked ones.

- ShinobiJP

  • x1