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Test Your Luck - March 2021
Started by Zeroxo


February Recap

February was packed full of celebrations, from Valentine’s Day to Pokémon Day to our very own birthday! The Anniversary gym is closed and the Valentine Pokémon have stopped spawning, but the four powerful Pokémon Trainers from Kanto are still around to challenge this week as March is underway.


Highlights Album - https://imgur.com/a/QtRSByb

February Feedback Form

Let us know how you enjoyed last months activitiesand events!



Mini-games abound this month, with puzzle races, Pokémon races and trivia! With two boosted weekends to help complete your collections and our monthly Tourney, with a format still being voted on, March is looking to be busy as well.



Splash Inc. Puzzle Tower Grand Opening

Race to the Top Mini-Game
Our puzzle master RexFilms has been working hard behind the scenes on this button puzzle challenge! Go through 15 levels of fun to reach the top and receive some great prizes.

March 6th, 2021


/warp magipark


9 players will race to the top, the first 3 to reach the end will receive some great prizes!


First: $30,000, 1x Random Shiny, & 10PB Tokens, Puzzle Master Discord Tag
Second: $25,000, 1x Random Shiny, & 8PB Tokens
Third: $15,000, 1x Random Shiny, & 5PB Tokens

All players who go through the tower will also receive rewards at the top via PokéLoot!


Legendary Weekend

March 13th, 2021 - March 14th, 2021



Lucky Doof Rainbow Race


Check your luck in the ultimate race this St. Patrick's Day! You and 5 other trainers will line up, atop your Lucky Doofs and race down the rainbow road track, dodging obstacles and each other to reach the end to place for some great prizes!


March 17th, 2021


Further details to be announced in #events on Discord.



Study up on your Pokemon knowledge for this Trivia day! The questions will be harder than you expect and will need some preparation. We will let you know the categories in advance so you can do some prep and have a good chance at the prizes.


March 20th, 2021

Further details to be announced in #events on Discord.


Shiny Weekend

February 27th, 2021 - February 28th, 2021


Vote on this months tourney here - https://forms.gle/We8myXDZjPosrqe59 

The format reveal and details will be released in #events on Discord in the coming week.


March 27th, 2021


See you online soon!

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