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PokeSplash Giveaway

 Started by PokeSplash

To celebrate the opening of our new website, we have decided to do a giveaway!
You can join the giveaway by registering an account and replying with your IGN under this post.

We have 3 different prizes for 3 randomly picked winners!

You could win:
Making one Pokemon of your choice shiny
Getting a custom Pokemon Statue of your choice
A random legendary Pokemon

We will announce a winner on the 3rd of August, 3pm EST.

Good luck to everyone and have a wonderful day!

By PokeSplash, over 2 years agoLast edited: over 2 years ago x 1

Whoop Whoop~~

Let's go.


By TMO, over 2 years ago

Watch me get a random Zeraora. Just like that. >:D

Edit Soshi:
~Liquidspirit :D

By LiquidSpirit, over 2 years agoLast edited: over 2 years ago

Ohh this looks fun~ CharmingCharmie

By Charmie, over 2 years ago

Let's go for a Zeraora to wind up Susan


By Matt, over 2 years ago

Gimme gimme
IGN: CyUzi

By CyUzi, over 2 years ago

Pffff you guys living in a bad dream! This one is mine!!!


By TechnoSusan, over 2 years ago

I can feel it. This is the time i win something.



(Nice work on the website!)

By Beans, over 2 years ago

:D Imma get my Soul Partner Pokemon ;D -Red / SansGoku

By RedBo, over 2 years ago

Is mayonaisse a legendary?


~ Veczan

By Dave, over 2 years ago