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Let the Festivities Begin! - PokéSplash weekly update #1
Started by Zeroxo

It's officially the festive season so get ready for some non-stop excitement throughout December on PokéSplash!

We have on-going events, a tournament, mini-games, a design competition, new winter textures & gifts for everyone.

Keep reading for details on how to get involved with everything!


First and foremost, well done to the design team on their work adding even more amazing winter textures to the texture pack.

You can now head out and find winter Poké’s in the wild, have fun hunting, and good luck!

REMEMBER: Download the PokéSplash custom texture pack through /resourcepack in-game. If you are unsure how to add the resource pack to your game, check out this helpful guide.

Kicking off the fun this year-round is our first raffle of the month!
Starting today, go out and find yourself a Winter Starmie to participate!


- You can only submit one
- It must have you listed as the Original Trainer
- It must be renamed to match your IGN
- Only submit the Winter textured version

How to Submit:
You submit your Poké with /pokesell XxSoshibaxX [Slot of Poké]

Who Wins?:
We will generate 6 random IVs, a nature, and a size.
The closest submitted Poké to these randomly generated stats will win.

The winning Poké will receive 5 maximum IVs and be made shiny!

All Poké's submitted will be returned after the winner is announced.


Log in every day to get your daily gift through our Advent Calendar!
As always we have some fun surprises hidden behind each and every door!

To access the calendar use /adventcalendar

On top of the daily gifts, we have also created a special one time kit for the season!
/kit christmas2020 (Remember to do this with inventory space available)


We have a great range of events coming up for the festive season!


Throwing something a bit different into the mix, we will also be running a Festive Design Competition!
From now until the 31st of December we are inviting everyone to submit original art in the form of either an MCSkin, Build, or a Pokémon texture with the theme of Festivity in whatever form it means to you.
Have fun creating great designs and showcasing them in great ways!

What to Submit
You have the choice of joining any or all of the 3 categories below -

MCSkin Design: Create, wear, and screenshot a skin.
Build Design: Build, Decorate, and screenshot a build
Poké Texture Design: Draw/Colour/Design a Poké and share it!

How to Enter
To submit, head over to our Discord and submit your design in the #Event-Submissions chat.
Details to include when submitting:
Category -
Caption (Optional) -

The winner of each category will be chosen by selected judges from the staff team.

Skin Reward: $30,000 Pokédollars, Random Shiny Token, 1x Winter Token
Build Reward: $30,000 Pokédollars, Custom Player Heads, 1x Winter Token
Poké Texture Design: Your Poké will be brought to life with a limited edition 6IV version.

All winners and honourable mentions will also be showcased on our socials!


Original designs only, any copied art will be disqualified
Only one design may be submitted per category
Restrictions for
Pokémon Textures - No Poké that already has a winter texture, no legendaries, & no ultra beasts.
Submissions must include the details listed under “How to Enter” to be considered

The last day for submissions is the 31st of December at Midnight (UTC-8)


Be ready to show off your cool Winter Poké’s before things heat up in this season’s tourney!

Be sure to get your Winter Tokens through our kit and advent calendar listed above to help you with building your best winter team.

When & Where:
A sign-up sheet will be posted over discord!
To be held at
/warp winterarena

6v6 LVL 100

Species Clause, Sleep Clause, Evasion Clause, OHKO Clause, Moody Clause, Endless Battle Clause

Banned Poké’s:
Mega Charizard Y & X
Mega Lucario
Mega Alakazam
Tapu Lele

Banned Moves:
Shell Smash
Baton Pass


As part of the festivities, we will be hosting fun mini-games throughout the month!
We currently have two dates planned with times to be announced:

12th December - Quick Build
Build as quick as you can in this mini-game, you will be given a theme and a small plot and then you have until the timer runs out to build!

19th December - Spleef
The rules are simple, be the last trainer standing.

Get the cameras out and show us what you’re getting up to this month!
We want to see everyone's Festive skins, builds, and decorations in #pixelmon-showcase. Each week we will be posting our favourite photos, so get creative, have fun and show us what you are doing!

Check out /warp magipark for some great festive areas ready to take heaps of great photos at!

(This is not a part of the design contest, it is just a bit of fun for everyone)

Submitting your photos

Take a great photo!

Come up with a fun caption!

Submit your photos through discord into the #pixelmon-showcase chat with your IGN!



We hope everyone is just as excited as we are for this upcoming month!

Let’s finish this year with some holiday cheer!

See you online soon!

Discord: https://discord.gg/eN3Qj7Ys
IP: play.pokesplash.org


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