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American Independence Day Giveaway!
Started by Ben

American Independence Day Giveaway

For America's Independence Day we will be doing another Forum Giveaway!


To celebrate, we are giving away some really special things, including custom textured Pokemon!


To Enter, tell us your favourite holiday and why.


We have 3 different prizes for our randomly picked winners!


You could win:

1st Place:

Custom Textured Aegislash! 

(6IVs, Nature of your choice)


2nd Place:

Golden Bottle Cap


3rd Place:

Animated Statue Token


You have until 6th July to take place!


1st Place: Stridak


2nd Place: TrainerStorm


3rd Place: CyUzi


Thank you everyone for taking part.

Swedish minsommer famaly time with lots a nice food and dancing just the best time of year to be out side and have fun

My favourite holiday is the 5th of May, which is our day of freedom in the Netherlands. It's the day we celebrate freedom, democracy and human rights. All cities in the Netherlands were freed from the German occupation around the 5th of May, 1945.

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Christmas is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love traditions, and we have plenty of them in my family for this specific holiday (including eating ice cream till 1am ;)).


Happy 4th of July!

My favorite holiday is easter because I like eggs 🥚



I would have to say Christmas, family gets together and have a lovely time and let's not forget the amazing food❤️

I would have to say my favorite holiday is Easter because I like the game of the egg hunt and I love chocolate :p

My favorite holiday is Halloween because you get candy for essentially doing what I love most: cosplaying

My favorite holiday is probably Christmas because I get to hang out with my family who I don't get to see that much. Also maybe the gifts. 

My favorite holiday is christmas. Cozyness, family and some good classic movies. I love it.