Easter Giveaway!

 Started by Ben

Easter Giveaway!


For Easter we will be doing another Forum Giveaway!


To celebrate Easter, we are giving away some really special things, including custom textured Pokemon!


To Enter, comment below what your favourite part of Easter is.


We have 3 different prizes for our randomly picked winners!


You could win:

1st Place:

Pixelmon Shadow Lugia Skin


2nd Place:

Shiny Easter Textured Magearna

 (Good IVs and a chosen Nature)


3rd Place:

Easter Textured Lopunny

(Good IVs and a chosen Nature)



You have until 19th April to take place!


By Ben, about 1 year agoLast edited: about 1 year ago

it is  having a long weekend to spend with friends and family

By Leafflora, about 1 year ago

Totally the easter eggs ;)


Nah the best part for me, used to be going to my Nan for roast dinners but now i live with her, so i get to do it all the time :D

By Charmie, about 1 year ago

My favorite part about easter is all the fun events happening everywhere. Not just online of course, but also in real life. 

(The PokeSplash easter event looks really interesting btw)


By SJKNOL, about 1 year ago


By BlueTjoverWaffle, about 1 year ago

Bunny Day #AnimalCrossingGang

By Lukob96, about 1 year ago x 2

My FAVORITE part of Easter is taking those confetti filled eggs and smashing them on people's head in retaliation for them getting confetti in my hair

By TrainerStorm, about 1 year ago

My favorite part of Easter is just having a week off from school where I can sit and do absolutely nothing with my days if that's what I want. Of course, I spend my days drinking tons of soda though ;)

By Camillama, about 1 year ago x 1

Being able to eat Reese's Eggs

By Eko, about 1 year ago

My favorite part of Easter is sleeping in cause it's the weekend.

By Bolsenator, about 1 year ago