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Anniversary Giveaway!
Started by Ben

Anniversary Giveaway


For our anniversary we will be doing another Forum Giveaway!


As a thank you for being part of us for the past year, we will be giving away some really cool things.


To Enter, comment on a memorable moment for you with us on the server.


We have 3 different prizes for our randomly picked winners!


You could win:

1st Place:

Pixelmon Robe of Robes

Thanks to XpanD for donating



2nd Place:

5IV Valentines Skin Pokemon of your choice



3rd Place:

Silver Bottle Cap


You have until 18th February to take place!


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My most memorable moment was finding this server. With all the turmoil that was going on in my previous preferred place and a lot of my friends getting perma-banned there, it was nice to know this place existed.

editted extra memory:

fun little extra i remember while in the server: April was when Top Monthly voters were first counted iirc, and I was the first to get first place. back then, the top monthly voters were determined by their actual vote counts, seeing who were the top 3 voters, rather than the current tiered rewards. the thing i remember was the desparation to catch my first shaymin before my vote reward expired, since i wanted a shiny shaymin (and i didn't wanna make the shaymin i got from charmie shiny). managed to catch one in time.
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I don't really play much so I don't have a lot of memorable moments but I will never forget one... A bad moment D: After like 3 days trying to get a Ditto finally found one and accidently killed it... That x-scissor will stay in my mind for a long time...


"Atleast now we know what Ditto drops..."

Some of my favorite memories on this server is getting to 3-0 Charmie with her very own Heatran in the 3v3 OU tourney and having the chance to kill a Zeraora :D

My favourite memory was starting Gracidea town and watching it become so huge that i had to make a second half to it. :D

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My most memorable moment was probobly when I first started and a shaymin spawned on me while I only had 4 ultraballs and I was still able to catch it :)

So most memorable moment.... Thats an easy one!


Its definately the first tournament I ever played in, the RBT on the 18th of January. This was only a few weeks after I joined the server and because of everyones support i still managed to place 2nd. Since I've only been here for a month or so there really isnt that much more yet, but im sure more will follow :)


Dying 95 times in Vanilla is definitely my most memorable moment. 

This is quite tough to decide, I have several great memories in this server, though If I have to pick just one memory, it would be the day I became a staff member for this server. I'll never forget when I first got my helper tag. Since then, It has helped me to get out my comfort zone and interact with the community much more than I possibly would've done otherwise.