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Started by Ben

Welcome to Vanilla

As of today we are officially announcing our Vanilla Server release!


In addition to our Pixelmon server, we have now added a vanilla server making us now a network! Now when you log onto our “network”, you will log onto our Hub where you can then choose which server you would like to join. We will have portals for both servers as well as you being able to do the commands “/server pixelmon” and “/server vanilla” respectively. You can get back to the hub by doing “/server hub”.


There will be a TL:DR section at the bottom of the post for all of you short on time


So what will our Vanilla server be running?

The server is on the newest version of Minecraft (1.15) which was just not too long ago.

We only have some very basic plugins on it at the moment such as GriefDefender (It allows you to make claims the same way you can on the pixelmon server). However, we will be adding more as time goes on. Whilst we have some form of idea on the way we would like this server to go, we will be building it around what you want from the server! We would have to wait for the updated versions in order to add them, but if you have any suggestions let us know on either Discord or in this thread!


In due time, this server will have it’s own donator ranks as well as its own place on our store. As with our pixelmon ranks, these ranks will also be purely for donations to the server and will not be striving away from our No Pay To Win policy (F2P). This means that you will not gain any in game advantage for spending money, you might get some pretty cool cosmetics though! 


Finally, the PokeSplash team would like to give a huge thank you to all of you for being such a great part of our community. You’re the reason we are adding more and more features to our network and constantly looking to improve. 



  •  /server pixemon, /server hub, /server vanilla

  • Vanilla is on Minecraft 1.15

  • Let us know what plugins you want

  • Vanilla will have its own ranks

  • We are still F2P

  • Thank You!






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