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December Festivities
Started by Ben

So, with the greatest seasonal event of the year coming up, here’s the what and when of our December events! 


1st Dec - Forum Giveaway

1st Dec - Advent Calendar

1st Dec - Custom Winter Textures!

14th Dec - Aura and Boss Rates

21st Dec - Minigames! (Themed)

28th Dec - Tourney!

From the beginning of December, we will have custom skins for specific Pokemon! Be sure to catch them before the end of the month as they’re limited time only! Here's a sneak peek!





Be sure to log on everyday throughout december leading up to Christmas to open your Advent Calendar! Each day, you will win a variety of prizes, including special textured Pokemon!


Beginning December 1st, we will be having another Forum Giveaway! You have the entire month to participate with the winner being announced towards the end of the month. This is a giveaway you don’t want to miss out on.


The weekend commencing 14th December will bring you boosted spawn rate for both Aura and Boss Pokemon. Be sure to log on to get some Shiny Aura Pokemon as well as some rare drops from bosses.

Just a few days before Christmas, we will be hosting some festive themed Minigames! These will vary slightly from the ones you’ve seen before with more being focused around the Christmas and Winter theme!

Finally we have a special Tournament to end off 2019 with. Be sure to prepare and take part as you battle against other players and staff for a chance to win some amazing prizes! More details on this Tournament will be announced soon!

More details on all of these events will be announced at later dates! Be sure to check regularly to keep up to date.



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