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Halloween Giveaway!

 Started by bencrow11

Here's a terrible one: Why did the skeleton go after the other skeleton?

He had a bone to pick with him.

By Stridak, 9 months ago x 1

What is a witch's favorite event in school?

The spelling bee!


By Beans, 9 months ago x 1

It took me a bit to decide on which joke to use because there are so many I like, but I finally decided.

My Favorite Halloween Joke:


Count Jokula herself ft. Sir BenShee

By Cyn, 9 months agoLast edited: 9 months ago x 2

Who is the scariest dancer?

The Boogie man 

By Earo, 9 months ago x 1

Which monster is the best dancer?

The Boogie-Man!


EDIT: Welp I didn't read the others and that's literally above mine xD new joke


What kind of room will you never find in a ghost's house? 

living room

By ratty, 9 months agoLast edited: 9 months ago x 1

How do you fix a broken pumpkin?

A pumpkin patch!

By SomeNerdyNerd, 9 months ago x 1

i dont know any Halloween jokes, so



Happy Halloween anyway

By Bloodpoison, 8 months ago x 1