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Halloween Events!
Started by Ben

Halloween Events

Lets kick off this halloween with some fangtastic events!


Be sure to do /kit halloween and use your tokens!

Remember you can do /kit trickortreat every day for more tokens.


Spooktacular Gym



We have a spooktacular gym for a limited time only!


Our halloween gym is here! The 


Prepare your team and take on our bloodthirsty leaders for an attempt to win a special badge as well as other rewards!


Do /warp halloween to check out the gym as well as the leaders of it.


What are the rules?

No Megas

No Legendaries

No Ultra Beasts


When will it be?

The gym will be available to challenge from 14th October - 31st October


Dark Ghost CC


How it will work:

The event will be held at /warp cc.

Each participant will be given a set amount of Safari Balls. When the event starts, you have 15 minutes to catch dark / ghost Pokemon, but only within the dome. 

You can catch up to 5 Pokemon, but you can only submit 1 pokemon for judging, and it must be in the safari balls that we gave you! You are not allowed to use your own pokeballs. 

Once the time is up, we will ask all of you to nickname your selected Pokemon as your IGN (or a shortened version if it is too long), then you will submit that Pokemon to a coordinator for judging.

Each round there will be an increased chance for a shiny Pokemon to appear!




Extra Rule!

For this time only, you will be wearing a Pumpkin Head to make it spookier as well as a little bit harder. Take it off whilst inside the dome and you will be Disqualified!



How will I be scored?

Your score will then be tallied, based on the following factors:

Base Stat Total 

IV percentage

Growth (with ordinary as the least points and the extremes as the most points) 

Shiny Pokemon get bonus points!

When will it start?




How do I join?

Just show up ingame and come to /warp cc when the event starts!

Make sure that you only have 1 Pokemon in your party before you enter and enough space in your inventory for the Pokeballs!


1st Place: 

Giratina + making the winning mon shiny + 2 max ivs + 6 Pokebuilder Tokens + 50k


2nd Place:

Making the winning mon shiny + 2 max ivs + 6 Pokebuilder Tokens + 50k


3rd Place: 

Making the winning mon shiny + 2 max ivs + 6 Pokebuilder Tokens + 25k

Make sure the pokemon you catch are fa-boo-lous!

The Riddle


Don’t forget we still have the riddle! If you haven’t already done so, complete the riddle for some great prizes!


Here’s the first hint:

Riddle Hint


You can check your progress with “/logbook”


Big thanks to RexFilms for making the riddles.

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