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First UU Tournament

 Started by Ben

First UU Tournament

Welcome to our first UU Tourney!



What are the rules?


Level 100 Pokemon

Pokemon from the Uber, OU and UUBL Tiers are banned.

Mew is banned.




Species Clause

Sleep Clause

Evasion Clause

OHKO Clause

Moody Clause

Endless Battle Clause


The following Abilities are banned:




The following Moves are banned:

Baton Pass





When will it start?






1st Place:


15 PB Tokens

Make one of your Pokemon Shiny


2nd Place:


10 PB Tokens

Make one of your Pokemon Shiny


3rd Place:


8 PB Tokens

Make one of your Pokemon Shiny


The top 3 players will get a place in our Hall of Fame.

The shiny Pokemon must be a Pokemon from your tournament team.

*PB = Pokebuilder



How do I join?

Just fill out this form with your IGN!


The Riddle

Be sure to try and complete our riddle before the end of the month to win Pokebuilder Tokens, Money and more! 

Here’s the first hint:


Riddle Hint


You can check your progress with “/logbook”


Big thanks to RexFilms for making the riddles.



Useful Links

Smogon UU Format



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