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RBT - October 2022
Started by Ben

Prepare for our Random Battle Tourney!



October 29th, 2022


- Each participant will be given 4x level 100 Pokemon chosen at random, you can not bring your own

- After everyone has their Pokemon, you will be given a chance to evolve or reroll one member of your team

- There will be a move relearner at the arena that you may use to change the moves on the pokemon

- Pokemon can not be given items, TMs or tutor moves

- You can not adjust your team once you have been given your Pokemon


Sleep Clause: Players can not induce sleep on more than one of the opponent's Pokémon at once.

OHKO Clause: Moves that OHKO the foe (Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold) are banned.

Pokemon Restrictions

All Legendary and Mythical Pokemon are banned


1st Place: 50k + 5 PB Tokens + Make one Pokémon Shiny

2nd Place: 30k + 4 PB Tokens + Make one  Pokémon Shiny

3rd Place: 15k + 3 PB Tokens + Make one Pokémon Shiny

Participation Prize: Everyone who participates will receive 2000 Pokedollars & 1 PBToken

The top 3 players will get a place in our Hall of Fame.

The chosen shiny Pokémon must be from your tournament team.

PB = Pokebuilder

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You do not need to sign up for this tournament, just show up on the date given above